A Happy Cuckoldress

This blog is only for those who are 18+. I am a married woman in my thirties and, if not for cuckolding, I honestly believe that my husband and I would have divorced years ago and been far worse for it. I have always enjoyed writing and often used it to reflect on my life but, particular to my life as a cuckoldress - a word that makes me feel sexy and a little silly, both :) - I find reflecting on my experiences exciting, especially when I’m feeling frisky and “Ben,” our Bull, isn’t immediately available. Writing about cuckolding is fun for me. I hope it’s fun for you to read.

  1. You deserve the attention, mostly for loving hubby for his his weakness, for allowing you to torment him about his inferiority and his willingness to be a bitch for a real man. To me cuckolding is boring without hubby living in the shadow of a manliness he will never know, and being reminded that he never had it. He was always a lousy sex partner, and sissy is where he belongs - to his constant shame. Eating cum, licking the balls of real men and looking silly: that's the essence of cuck life.